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Composite Repair

Wind turbine blade, nacelle, hub, and spinner 

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Wind turbine composite components are critical to turbine integrity and performance. Damage, erosion and even normal degradation over time can negatively impact powercurve, leading to poor performance and result in costly repairs. 

OEMs and wind farm owners trust Sky Climber composite specialists to execute safe and reliable composite repair. We deliver best-in-class wind composite service that is rooted in knowledge of staff members that have 20+ years of field composite repair experience, and is supported by an unrivaled composite training program that built in accordance with the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA).   

About this Service

Our composite specialists receive extensive training in the repair and remediation of wind turbine composite components with a focus on field repair applications


  • Safety 
  • QC measures 
  • Testing
  • Documentation 
  • Tools and equipment 
  • General composites 
  • Matrix – epoxies and adhesives 
  • Reinforcements and core materials 
  • Manufacturing processes 
  • Understanding “layup” schedules 
  • Blade inspections and reporting 
  • Leading edge repair
  • Trailing edge repair
  • Shell repair 
  • Lightning systems testing 
  • Tip replacement techniques 
  • Field QA/QC practices
Wind Turbine Blades

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How often should wind turbine blades be inspected?

It’s recommended that annual or semi-annual inspections be completed by local staff technicians at a minimum. Data captured should be reviewed by qualified composite specialists who can then recommend corrective or preventative maintenance.

What's the best method of inspection?

What’s most important is that inspections are completed regularly and data is evaluated by a composite professional who can then recommend corrective or preventiative action. You may consider drone inspection technology with autonumous data capture or standard ground inspection with high powered telescopic camera systems.

How can I lower my cost for blade maintenance?

Be proactive! Complete regular inspections and hire a competent professional to review the information. Don’t wait to address damage found. Certain damage can result in rapid degradation and exaggerate repair costs. Act early and often.

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