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Qualified inspection services for wind turbine components

When it comes to wind turbine inspection, there is a vast array of methods, best practices and tools available for the job. Depending on the component and severity of the issue, it’s important to choose the best approach that will provide meaningful data.

Sky Climber Renewables performs common inspection services for critical wind turbine components blade components, gearbox, electrical systems, hydraulic systems, mechanical components and tower internals.  

We use industry recognized methods and equipment to capture data for analysis including non-destructive testing (NDT), borescope inspections and more.  

If you have existing inspection data that you would like us to review for purpose of repair estimates or consulting on repair procedures, send us message or contact a specialist today!

About this Process

Various types and methods of inspection are available for wind turbine components


  • Hi-Powered Telescopic Inspection
  • Drone Inspection
  • “Hands-on” Aerial Inspection
  • NDT – Non-destructive testing 
  • EOW Inspection
  • Borescope Inspection
  • Electrical, Hydraulic, Mechanical

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When should wind turbines be inspected?

Wind turbines are visited typically 2-3 times per year for service. During turbine service visits, wind technicians should take the opportunity to visually inspect components for signs of damage or issues requiring further attention. 

What is a borescope inspection?

Borescope is an optical device used for analysis and diagnosis of component condition in areas which would otherwise not be visible without disassembly.

After a condition-monitoring system and analyst provide the diagnosis of an ailing gearbox or component a technician has to confirm the problem, often with a borescope inspection. A photo of a damaged component provides tangible evidence of a suspected condition.

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