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Safe, fast and reliable access solutions   

Industry Pioneers

The “Original” wind access platform solution

In 2007, Sky Climber pioneered suspended platform access solutions for wind turbine towers and blades, quickly earning the position as the most recognized brand in the wind industry throughout the United States and Canada. 

Our original wind turbine access platform remains one of the most cost effective engineered solutions for wind turbine tower and blade access. Safety, speed, efficiency and reliability are engineered into our platforms and processes.

About this Service

The “Original” wind turbine access platform


  • Safe
  • Fast
  • Efficient
  • Versatile
  • Tower Access
  • Blade Access
  • 1 Hr Install w/ LOTO
  • Low transport cost
  • Low rental cost
Sky Climber Wind Access Platform

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What type of wind turbines can Sky Climber platforms be used with?

We support all major wind turbine brands and models. Sky Climber access teams can organize a rigging and service plan to access any wind turbine tower or blade. 

Are there height restrictions?

No. Sky Climber wind access platforms can be used for KW wind turbines or the latest technology (e.g. 65m, 80m, 100m, 110m and more).  

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