The Energy Industry’s Service Partner

Qualified technical resources for utility-scale wind power projects 



Data capture & analysis for major wind turbine components 

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Service

Multi-brand service & maintenance solutions 

Composite Repair

Composite Repair

Best-in-class wind composite training and service


Construction Support

Qualified technical support for wind turbine construction 

Wind Turbine Upgrades

Performance Upgrades

Performance enhancement product installation, repair and maintenance 

Wind Technicians

Staff Augmentation

Skilled manpower staffing solutions for wind power projects


Qualified Field Technicians

Sky Climber technicians receive extensive safety, rescue and technical training


Multi-Brand Experience

With more than 13 years in wind, our technicians have practical experience across multiple wind turbine brands 


U.S. & Canada

With regional locations in the U.S. and Canada, we deliver service across all states and provinces

Premiere Multi-Brand Services 

Sky Climber Renewables is a premiere independent service provider (ISP) and recognized leader in qualified technical resources for utility scale wind power projects. 

We serve the world’s leading OEMs and wind farm owners, offering a comprehensive menu of services that promise safety, reliability and flexibility.

Need Support? 

 Over 14 years of Service


Proudly serving the renewable energy industry since 2007

Client Partner Testimonials

“When it comes to advanced blade repair, we trust Sky Climber to deliver quality service. Their up-tower platform systems are also a great tool for our teams to work safely and efficiently.”

Area Manager, EDF Renewable Services

“We enjoy working with Sky Climber because they operate safely and competently. They brought value to the table when discussing blade maintenance and extending the life and performance of our blades.”

Regional Manager, Kruger Energy

 It’s great to work with a service provider that follows through with the mindset of going the extra mile. Their enthusiasm is genuine and their results are outstanding. Our customers and stakeholders are always satisfied with the end result.”

Project Manager , Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

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